Dental and Oral Care

Dental and Oral Care

Power toothbrushes are designed to remove plaque and stains from the teeth and gingiva. The ease of use enhances patient’s compliance with dental and oral care at home and greatly improves their oral health. The power source, brush head options and cleaning mechanisms are the most three important reasons why the patients choose one electric toothbrush over another.

Patient’s Etiology (The Cause of Condition)

Several factors, such as genetics, smoking or systemic disease, determine how the patients respond to the bacterial deposits in their mouth and haw their dental and oral care is affected. In most cases, dental professionals cannot modify these risk factors. Therefore, their recommendations are based on evidence-based etiology that is changeable.

It is well documented that tooth brushing is essential to prevention of gum disease such as gingivitis or periodontitis. Also, the removal of subgingival bacterial deposits significantly curbs the plaque accumulation, thus, it halts the progress of gum inflammation and better dental and oral care. A diligent regimen at home combined with Colgate Toothpaste Amcal cleanings results in good oral flora and healthy mouth.

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Types of Brush Heads

Various interchangeable brush heads presently exist on the market, and they include specific products for the diversified needs of the people who use them. For example, rotating-oscillation brushes feature designs that adapt to individual tooth cleaning by cupping each tooth on all surfaces simultaneously. Hard-to-reach portions of the tooth can be then cleaned with a minimal effort from the patient. Their dental and oral care can be sustained by following the instructions of the dentist and dental hygienist.

Typical power toothbrush contains end-rounded bristles for comfort and safety. An indicator light may be included to alert the patient when the brush head has to be replaced. Interproximal tooth brush heads are also available to aid the patients with the removal of the debris in between their teeth. Special designs have been created for children and adults as well as orthodontic patients or those with limited hand mobility.

Stain Removal and Dental and Oral Care

For many patients, an effective method of stain removal is an important factor when considering a purchase of a power toothbrush. Some extrinsic stains may generate yellowing or darkening of the enamel. An overall poor smile appearance becomes a concern. By diligent use of an electric toothbrush, the superficial stains can be removed. As a result, the oral aesthetics are considerably improved.

Abrasion and Recession

Natural aging process may cause the recession of the gums leading to sensitivity and root exposure. Improper tooth brushing techniques may initiate the damage to the enamel, dentin and soft tissues in the oral area. With a proper guidance from the dentist, every patient has the ability to choose the correct device that will meet their unique teeth grinding guard by Amcal and oral care needs.

With the receding gums, over-brushing is often the cause of abrasions. At the time of their dental visits, the patients are educated about various tooth brushing techniques and the frequency of brushing as well as the duration and the amount of force that should be used. It is typically recommended to use soft-filament brushes that will not lead to further gingival damages. Power toothbrushes are well tolerated by most people and are more effective than manual toothbrushes. They are safe to use, gentle and less abrasive.

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