Five Reasons Why You Should Use Condoms

Five Reasons Why You Should Use Condoms

With the many different birth control options available today, condoms are often neglected or overlooked. Debate rages on about their effectiveness in preventing pregnancies compared to other birth control methods such as IUDs, injections, pills, and implants. However, a condom is perhaps the most practical and effective way of protecting against different sexually transmitted diseases. What’s more, a condom is easy to get and use. Below are five benefits of using one:

1. Effective against STDs

Female and male condoms are the only birth control methods that also prevent the spread of different sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV. A condom supplements any other form of birth control methods used to avoid pregnancies. Therefore, it should be used every time one has sex for protection.

2. Affordable and Convenient

Condom price at Amcal are available online, in almost all stores across the country, as well as Planned Parenthood and community health centers. They are cheap (or sometimes free) and do not require an ID or prescription to buy. Furthermore, they are a small, portable, and discreet way to acquire or carry protection from unwanted pregnancies or sexually transmitted infections.

3. Supplement Other Birth Control Methods

No birth control method offers a 100 percent guarantee effectiveness against unwanted pregnancies. Therefore, using a condom as a backup option helps prevent pregnancy especially when one makes a mistake with their preferred birth control method. It also comes in handy when a birth control method fails. It supplements methods like implants, IUDs, rings, pills, and shots.

However, a male and female condom should never be used together because there is no need to wear both at the same time, one usually does the trick. Moreover, wearing two condoms at the same time may result in a tear due to friction.

4. No Side Effects

Most people can use a condom without any problem or side effects. Rarely, a latex condom irritates individuals with latex sensitives or allergies while some women may not like using a ribbed one. The good news is that condoms come in different brands and materials. Some are made from plastic materials like polyurethane, nitrile, or polyisoprene; and are available everywhere,—sexual-health/ansell-lifestyles-condoms-ultrathin—24-pack-p-9310201060972

Image for Ansell Lifestyles Condoms Ultrathin - 24 Pack from Amcal

5. Condoms Can Be Sexy

Pleasure is important, but so is protection. Luckily a condom offers both. Condoms come in many different shapes, textures, and styles that increase sensation felt by both partners. Some people find it sexy when their partner puts on a condom on their penis, which can be part of foreplay if lube is added to the mix.

A condom can be used for different types of sexual activity including vaginal, oral, and anal sex. It protects from sexually transmitted diseases in all cases. A condom can also delay ejaculation making sex last longer. The sexiest part of using a condom is that it allows both partners to relax, concentrate on sex, and focus on pleasure without worrying about STDs or pregnancy.

Safer sex using condoms is always better since it prevents stress and anxiety from killing the mood while protecting both sexual partners from STDs and pregnancies.

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